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It all started months ago, when I placed my first order from SHEIN.  At first I thought it was a scam and was unsure if it in fact would arrive... But once the parcel arrived, I was addicted to SHEIN!  

I have always had a passion for fashion and trends being a fashion designer/buyer myself and I decided to start my own online shop for people in South Africa who are afraid of ordering from SHEIN and don't have the time or patience to deal with customs.  

From experience I know that sometimes the products don't fit due to sizing differences or it's not quite as the picture but that is where my expertise comes in and you can shop confidently without the hassle.   

If you need more information or extra photos of the product you can WhatsApp or email me to compare sizes or find the right fit before the order, and our courier is on standby to deliver everywhere in South Africa.  

So no more waiting and no more hassles just shop till you drop!

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